The Allure of Narcos, or Why I’m a Fan

Since Netflix released 10 episodes of a new series titled Narcos last month, the press has been buzzing with praise, criticism, and analyses the show’s cultural implications. The documentary-esque drama series follows the rise of narcotraficantes in 1980s Colombia, centering on Pablo Escobar and DEA agent, Steve Murphy, who is on the Escobar case. In the last decade, the drug trade … More The Allure of Narcos, or Why I’m a Fan

Colombian Artists of Interest

Doris Salcedo In recent years, Salcedo has emerged as one of the most well known Colombian sculptors and installation artists. All of her pieces are informed by her country’s tormented history, and her reconceptualization of visually processing trauma associated with human rights violations has been applied to international events, as well, and has garnered her international … More Colombian Artists of Interest