One Week In: Reinvigorated

Feeling slightly more settled with my living situation and job, I am reflecting on some of the exciting things I’ve seen in the last week in DF. Linguistically, I’m gaining some confidence, but I’m still jealous of those fully bi- or multi-lingual (so many benefits to knowing multiple languages). Luckily for me, Mexicans tend to speak clearly and precisely, but there is also plenty of slang. Some of it is familiar from previous summers here, but there are always more chilangismos to learn. Researching words I overhear, I’ve come across several resources that enumerate Mexican-specific phrases, and this sort of clarification really helps me take my book-learned Spanish to a level that is more natural for communication and adheres to protocols or formality and common usage for DF.

Besides lots of time in the new office, I was able to attend several cultural events over last week and the weekend, which have collectively inspired me to compile my impressions from various museums, exhibits, galleries, etc. that I’ve enjoyed during my visits to DF. Friends who are coming to DF often ask me for recommendations, and the answer isn’t simple because there are so many museums and each has its own particular character. Additionally, some of my favorite exhibits at museums in DF were temporary shows, and some venues regularly have engaging visiting exhibits that are cause enough to merit a thorough visit. The museums are also spread throughout DF, and some of my favorites are not centrally-located, which influences what I recommend to friends, depending on where they plan to stay within DF. With all of this being said, I am planning to organize my write-ups of museums according to criteria of location, permanent collection, recommended time to see the museum / scale of the art institution, curation style of the museum, and perhaps other criteria as well.

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